I use to love this one picture of us…
Still do
Just the sight of it causes immense pain now
Why’d you have to go

I watch how you throw those heartfelt words around
Each time I hear you say them to another
It reminds me even more
How little they meant when you said them to me

I don’t know why I am missing you so much. You mean nothing to me. I haven’t thought about you in months. Why is it you’re the only thing in my mind. Feelings of missing you pierce my heart. I find myself only wanting to speak to you. Telling myself I’ll only feel better if I talk to you. Why do I feel like you’re the one who will understand me right now when you barely ever did. I miss you so much. It’s painful to believe you don’t feel the same..

Ever feel attacked by memories? Good and bad ones. You see them right in front of you as you are watching like a bystander on how good and bad your life has been. It replays over and over like it’s happening again and again

Tumblr makes me so sad

But at the same time makes me feel less empty because other people feel just as sad

Silent I must keep,
I can’t hear my thoughts over
my hearts screams

I truly don’t understand why I am hurting so much

My heart was to heavy to carry, yet I carry so many..

If I am constantly holding you up and not myself, I will fall.

You won’t try to catch me


Really missing you..

Wishing we didn’t leave things the way we did~

You’ve sucked all my energy out. Every ounce of love, care, and compassion. I’ve run out, and you’re holding that against me.

Catch myself always wondering why I still write about you


Ask ask ask ask
Wonder wonder wonder wonder
No reply
No answer